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With our experienced team, we have achieved to design and develop the followings

  Affiliate network
  Finance, Comparison websites
  Travel Search engine
  Online shopping cart
  Telecom solutions
  Bespoke software development
  Voucher codes implementation
  Complete Email marketing solution
  Co-Reg platform
  Attractive creative design
  Call centre solutions
  Cash back website
  Job Site Search Engineer
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About us Tress Media started Lead Generation programme in 2009 to find consumers looking for suitable advice on the Internet for differenet market sectors. Major sectors include finance, marketing, mortgage, insurance

With the success in Lead generation, started major affiliate compaign on different affiliate networks. Now we have more than hundreds well known affiliates in all different countries internationally. All well known intermediaries, regulated mortgage brokers and Independent Financial Advisers regularly buying leads through . We designed our company to meet the needs of our members and have created a service which is simple and profitable to our members. Each member can select their lead type, the part of the country they want to buy the leads in and we also have no lock-in terms and no up front fees.

We have a dedicated team managing buyers' accounts on a daily basis; this includes each member being allocated to a team when they join. The Account Management Team is there to make sure buyers are set up on the right scheme for them and to make sure our members are getting the most out of their account. Feedback is important to us and we are interested in listening to our members and changing our business to suit them. We are constantly gathering feedback from our members through the monthly survey, the community forum which we allow non members to view and also over the phone on a regular basis.

We believe in making our service simple and transparent. We have designed our business around our members needs, giving them the freedom of selecting the exact type and location of the leads they want.

We are rapidly expanding our customers base, sellings qualities leads, increasing our data partnerships, and online services. We always welcome trusted networks who can supply qualities leads and data so that we can reach target consumers quickly. Our experienced executives with a passion of devlivering measureable values and superior customer experience makes us unique in marketing business.

We are speciliase in helping buiness to business organizations market to their customers. Very effective conversion is received by our partners and customers due to our marketing strategies and easy to use controls.

You can contact us at any time by emailing us. We would be very happy to reply as soon as possible.
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