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With our experienced team, we have achieved to design and develop the followings

  Affiliate network
  Finance, Comparison websites
  Travel Search engine
  Online shopping cart
  Telecom solutions
  Bespoke software development
  Voucher codes implementation
  Complete Email marketing solution
  Co-Reg platform
  Attractive creative design
  Call centre solutions
  Cash back website
  Job Site Search Engineer
If you are interested in white labelling or want to outsource your work then please   contact us

Products of Tress Media is best in giving our clients and affiliates the best products which they deserve.
Our Major products are:
  Lead Generation
  Custom Creatives
  To monitor complete Clicks and Transaction System
  Latest updates about running compaigns
  Event Marketing
  Market Research
  Surveys List Managements
  Lead Tracking System
Our products are well result orionted and gives perfect accurancy.

Our custome and attractive creatives are different in its nature and affiliates feel happy to promote them. Our attractive creatives helps in getting more clicks and leads very fast.

Affiliates can run as many even as they want. Each Even is considered seperately. Event can be E-mail marketing, banner programme or text link in their websites. Each and every activity they can monitor online and can get latest updates about running compaigns.

We always tried to built our opt-in list bigger and bigger. Our trusted and well known affiliates helped us to achieve this. We have huge data of opt-in customer who are our best consumers.

Our online marketing campaigns are successful because we employ a range of services and products and know how to put them together for the benefit of the client.

Our Products Section covers some of the important elements of a winning formula. Lead generation in complex sales is a big strength of ours. We've a track record in this area so long that it needs a specially made bed.

If you want us to deliver more opt-in data, then please contact us.

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